Stopping off in the West Midlands…Tame Valley and Heamies Farm.

Further information on the canal aqueduct over the Grand Junction Railway was needed to complete the model on my small N gauge ‘Dudley Heath’ layout. On my way home from Ally Pally, a quick detour from the M6 was made to photograph this structure in more detail. It carries the 8.5 mile long Tame Valley Canal (opened in 1844) over the railway close to Tame Bridge Parkway station. Interestingly enough, this short length of canal post dates the railway, according to my records.

With enough photographic information to complete the top of the structure, I moved on to Heamies Farm, a classic photographic location on the WCML north of Norton Bridge. This spot is just to the north of what will be new railway constructed as part of the proposed remodelling of Norton Bridge Junction and realignment of the WCML. It was an opportunity not to be missed, with blazing sunshine and no long grasses on the embankments this early in the spring. Shutter speed ranged from 1/1200 to 1/1600 sec at f8 to f9 in superb light. Needless to say, the action was non-stop and this is just a tiny selection of the pictures taken which included Class 66s, 70s, 86s, 90s alongside the usual diet of Pendolinos, Class 350s and ‘Super Voyager’ trains.


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