First Great Western theme from Dapol – the Class 153 is next…

Dapol has added a very good looking Class 153 to the First Great Western ‘local lines’ theme, having released an HST train pack in the same paint (or is it vinyl?) scheme last year – albeit the main line version!The model has the same spec as previous releases including fully working lights with under frame switching, DCC socket, light bar-ready and low friction mechanism with a 5 pole motor. Performance is excellent as always.
Printed detail is legible including destination names making up the dazzle stripes on the side of the unit. Remember, this is N gauge…

A great companion to the Dapol HST…one covers the main line operations whilst the Class 153 would work partly on main line routes in the west country before diverging onto one of the numerous west country branches.

The dazzle stripes on the HST were also well represented. Based on the Class 153 and other recently issued models, the quality of finishes from Dapol continue to build on an already high standard.West country operations of today are now relatively easy to do with the Class 153 release which is numbered 153380; the full size unit being allocated to Exeter depot alongside 13 others.


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