Orkney again!

I ignore the beaches of Costa del Sol in favour of windswept Orkney…a short ferry trip away from Scotland and not far from my home in the north. Here’s a selection from the hundreds of pictures I always manage to take of this most beautiful of places. I go as often as I can!

Loading the MV Pentalina at Gills Bay.

Leaving Scotland behind – the waters of the Pentland Firth.

Looking ahead to Orkney with Flotta on the left and Scapa Flow dead ahead.

The MV Pentalina at St. Margarets Hope after arrival. This motor vessel was launched with a bottle of Orkney wine, so the story goes. All true!

Block ship.

The ‘Gloup’, a collapsed sea cave near Mull Head.

Mull Head, looking south and east. This location is south of Kirkwall.

On the west coast of the west mainland: Yesnaby and the sea stack called Yesnaby Castle.

Stromness, the other main centre of population on Orkney. Note the Orcadian flag which was replaced with the Norwegian flag in many places for Norwegian Constitution Day.

A view from the Brough of Birsay looking north east across the ancient settlement site. Birsay is at the north west corner of the West Mainland of Orkney.

Panorama taken at Sandi Sands on the East Mainland.


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