It’s a bit of a mess…

Modifications to the ‘Dover’ fiddle yard has seen some of the scenery removed and things messed about a little. There is the odd scar on the back drop boards to fill and paint too. Still, work is underway to replace and repair this area and make a start on the first of the turn back sidings.

The modified ‘Dover’ fiddle yard now has an extra road and the scenery box which disguised the entrance from the rest of the layout has been set back a little and reduced in size. This was made possible by a small adjustment to the yard throat and relocation of a Tortoise switch machine. It has left a gap in the scenery where insulation foam is obviously visible which needs some attention!

I use dense black track underlay foam as track bed on my layouts. Its sound deadening features are excellent and the closed cell structure means it does not absorb much ballast glue.

The foam I use is 3mm thick and a Nairnshire Modelling Supplies stock item.

I use Woodland Scenics Foam Tack Glue  for gluing down foam products. It has good initial ‘tack’ which grips the foam and holds it firmly, allowing around 15 minutes for adjustment. PVA glue can be used too, but needs more setting time and weight to hold it in place. The former saves a great deal of time.

A scrap of foam is used to spread the Foam Tack Glue around.

Making progress…the foam is easy to cut and shape.

In around 15 minutes, the glue had set sufficiently for me to mark in the track for the first turn back road using thread to check alignment. The edge of the foam is cut slightly unevenly but can be trimmed if desired. Track laying now follows. I have still to fix the scenery!


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