Living with a layout…for a while…

Soon picks up its shortcomings. Small portable layouts are always serious compromises, but something the size of my Folkestone East project has fewer compromises but needs as much careful design to accommodate the longer trains and traffic densities required of it. Despite a lot of work on the initial design, I found that the fiddle yards were not ideal, particularly the stub ended Dover yard. This has been redesigned with an additional road and also by moving the throat of the yard about 5 inches further over. Each road was also checked for length in units based on a Mk.1 coach or EMU trailer length.

Ripping out even a small part of a layout is traumatic! Anyway, the cover box which hid an inverted Tortoise point motor and the throat of the ‘Dover’ yard has now been replaced. From the reconstruction view above, its clear that there is more room for a reasonable depth of scenery on the main line curve to further enhance this area of the layout.

After what seems like an age, the corner is being redeveloped after extensive testing of the remodelled fiddle yard. Trains flow better on to the layout and a new section of back scene is propped up against the layout framing to see how it looks. I am much happier with the appearance of this area of the layout. All I need to do now is attach the back scene section, add some more trees and paint the new signal which has sprouted just behind the GUV.



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