Sgòr Gaoith

September 26, 2012

Whilst a serious weather system rolled into the south of the UK on Sunday, the Highlands enjoyed a day of fine weather, good for some mountain walking. Little did I know how serious that storm would turn out to be! Sgòr Gaoith at 1118 metres is a ‘Munro’ and one of a group of five tops in the western Cairngorms which may be done in a day, including one other Munro: Mullach Clach a’ Bhlàir. However, I tempered my ambitions due to a lack of time (nothing to do with Atlantic storms) but more importantly, Sgòr Gaoith was the first Munro I have tackled in recent times because of a knee injury which cramped my style for about a year. It has been given time to heal and Sgòr Gaoith, an ideal out and back, was its first real test.

The walk-in starts in scattered trees alongside Allt Ruadh. The path is well maintained for the first couple of miles too, quite a dry walk to start.

The path fades away about half way up the back side of Sgòr Gaoith. As the top is reached, the slope levels off to a pile of tilted stones which marks the summit.

Looking over the far edge with buttresses holding the mountain up over Loch Einich.

Looking north and west away from Loch Einich for the walk out via the tops towards Geal-charn. Unfortunately, time was too restricted to add Geal-charn to the day’s walk and by this time, my allotted ‘turn back time’ had been reached. Meall Buidhe lies between and makes for a gentle start (by Cairngorm standards) to the walk back down towards Allt Ruadh.

Looking north west towards Geal-charn…from the cairn on Meall Buidhe.

Looking back up to the top of Sgòr Gaoith. The round trip took 4 hours to walk from start to finish, just within the allotted time.