Heritage DMUs: Dapol’s new Class 122 single car unit.

New from Dapol: The Class 122 single car DMU in N gauge, the first time that a Class 122 has been offered in any scale as a ready to run model. It’s technical features are similar to the previously released Class 121 single car unit and the finished product is very attractive.

Two models have arrived for photography – my thanks to David Jones for the opportunity to look them over. One is a blue & grey example as No.55oo5 and the other a departmental unit in plain BR blue as TDB975023. The latter is an interesting choice – formerly No. 55001 and used as a route learning car.

The exhausts run smartly up to the roof on either side of the small destination box, a feature which sets the Class 122 apart from the similar Class 121 single car unit which has a large head code box and long horn cattle style exhaust pipes.

The drive design is the same as the Class 121 including an under-floor drive mechanism allowing the modelling of most of the interior.

The roof is easily un-clipped from the body allowing the fitting of a light bar in the roof. The standard Dapol light bar design simply plugs into the circuit board which is concealed, together with the 6-pin DCC connection, in the luggage van/guards end of the car. Remember to check which way round the roof goes back on the model! The roof clips are moulded as part of the flush glazing inserts.

In all, an exciting release and perfect models for the Dudley Heath project. A couple of Digitrax DZ125 decoders for the pair and they were ready to go with fully controllable lights and no light leakage into the cab. Performance is smooth and the models’ first outing on the layout was without incident. They will be popular additions to the fleet. Come and see them when Dudley Heath visits the BRM Peterborough exhibition in a couple of weeks’ time.


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