N Gauge Dudley Heath project.

There is a new page covering the building of my N gauge Dudley Heath project (to date) which is also a project layout for BRM. Started in 2011, the layout is nearing completion and has attended three exhibitions so far, including the recent Peterborough show. Only OHLE is needed to finish together with a couple more structures and small detailing items. The link to the page is beside the Platform 4a & 4b ones in the top menu bar.

The layout name has caused a little hilarity at hotel receptions because Warners Group exhibition organisers often arrange exhibitors accommodation by layout or stand name. Whilst intended to have a Black Country ring, the name Dudley Heath causes me to say: the name is Mr Heath, Dudley Heath! A new web persona, I wonder? However, the Dudley name immediately conjures up visions of the Harry Potter character who is rotund and undisciplined – the only Dudley I know of. Me? I am far from rotund. As for undisciplined… Anyway, my apologies to slim and trim Dudleys out there…



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