GBRf trio…

Dapol has added another printed special to its catalogue of GBRf Class 66s: No.66 709, featuring an Medite Shipping Company (MSC) promotional livery. The locomotive was named ‘Sorrento’ in April this year to commemorate a 10 year relationship with MSC.

The quality of livery detail printing has come a long way in recent times and Dapol is taking full advantage of it to offer some very nicely presented models. The child’s graphic or ‘Night & Day’ livery applied to No. 66 720 was particularly striking!

The image of a cargo ship loaded with MSC containers against a blue back ground is a little less lurid that the livery applied to 66 720, but striking, nonetheless. Given the detail in the full size graphic, it has translated to N gauge pretty well. Etched name plates are fitted too.

The model ran well on Dudley Heath following a spot of lubrication. It features fully working lights and in Dapol’s usual style, there was no light leakage into the cab. It’s a fine addition to the GBRf stable of Class 66s. I hope when Dapol releases its OO gauge Class 73, it will include some GBRf liveries in the range.


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