Scottish diesels…Class 27.


Just in and probably in time for Warley: the Dapol Class 27, a rail blue one with sealed front doors and TOPS numbers as 27 032. Reminiscent of the West Highland line and the Glasgow area in the early 1980s.

The model features fully working marker lights and an illuminated head code panel (with domino dots) with no light leakage.

The character of the Class 27s is faithfully captured by the model including the shape of the cab, the windows and roof profile.

Detail and grille tooling is sharp and effective. I like the small details including the windscreen washer outlets on the cab front and the shoulder grilles.

Internally, Dapol has provided a 6-pin DCC socket for simple conversion to DCC operation. A five pole fine control motor is included which performs well with a simple DC power pack and Digitrax DZ125IN decoders. Performance was controlled with good slow speed operation in both directions.

A neat model with character, just waiting for me to build a suitable layout! Who knows? I might be tempted with something compact based on the West Highland line circa 1980. After all, I live a couple of hours away from it, so inspiration is a stone’s throw away. There’s always the Highland line too…also a haunt of the Class 27 usually on freight in the rail blue era. Those modellers inspired by the lowlands could find a use for Class 27s on all sorts of duties including parcels trains and of course, the 1971-1980 era Edinburgh-Glasgow Push-Pull service, top and tailed on rakes of overhauled disc braked early Mk.2 coaches (Class 27/1 and Class 27/2).


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