Layout photography

January 19, 2013

As you might imagine, the various layout projects I am building are photographed on a fairly regular basis. A project for the Bachmann Collectors Club Magazine sees ‘Dudley Heath’ under the spots once again…an excuse to run trains too. Two Class 150s pass each other on the main line. They are straight-from-the-box Graham Farish. I have plans to buy a couple more and introduce some of the variations (together with Centro livery) that existed in the Central Trains Class 150 fleet.

Dudley Heath 150s

From time to time , I have opportunity to photograph something really special. ‘Rhyd’ by David John is one such example: Narrow gauge inspired by the Ffestiniog Railway and built using many of the layout design concepts floated by Iain Rice over the years. Rhyd is 2ft narrow gauge modelled to 7mm scale. A sequence of pictures were taken for a magazine; such photography being a growing area of my magazine portfolio (sounds posh!?!) This single image says it all – a real pleasure to watch and photograph.


Completing the W&SR set in N gauge.

January 15, 2013

W&S image 1

The small pint sized N gauge layout I built as a layout project for BRM magazine is not nearly complete, but sees a great deal of use day to day for photography and just playing trains. The arrival of the new Dapol N gauge twin coach pack to go with the Wrexham & Shropshire book set sees a complete formation out on the main line of Dudley Heath for the first time, replacing a couple of vinyl overlay Mk.3 coaches I was using in the set as stand in vehicles.

W&S Image 2
The twin pack consists of one of Dapol’s new Mk.3 RFM coaches which makes up the missing Coach A of the formation and a Standard Class coach. There are some detail differences between the full size RFM vehicles refurbished for use by W&SR and the model. However, the near fit model is still much welcomed.

W&S Image 4

The catering car is located adjacent to the DVT. The second coach of the pack is a Standard Class Mk.3 trailer as the missing Coach A. Not only is the set now complete, but in the correct coach letter order too.

W&S Image 3
A four plus two formation is the perfect length of train for Dudley Heath which runs well in both propelling and hauling mode. In addition to the W&SR twin pack, Dapol is releasing a similar trailer plus RFM pack for the Virgin West Coast ‘Pretendolino’ MK.3 set and a catering trailer for the East Midlands Trains HST book set.

A reminder of the W&SR service two years following its withdrawal. Coach C – a Mk.3 Standard coach.

Coach D at the country end of the set coupled to the DVT. This is a rebuilt Mk.3 RFM vehicle.


New for 2013 – Hornby 2BIL

January 15, 2013

2BILImage 2
Hornby’s surprise announcement for 2013 and almost immediate release (a well kept secret) is the 2BIL in OO gauge in two guises: Southern Railway and BR Green. Equipped with a single drive bogie and adequate weight to power the 2 car set, these period Southern electric units will be a good match for the previously released 5BEL Brighton Belle set.

2BIL Image 1

Perhaps the best side of the 2BIL is the corridor side of the unit, they being completely compartment stock. Lasting until the early 1970s, many wound up in BR green with full yellow ends and of course, plain BR blue with full yellow ends. What next for Hornby now it seems to have the bit between its teeth where Southern electric is concerned…a HAL, PUL or PAN?