Completing the W&SR set in N gauge.

W&S image 1

The small pint sized N gauge layout I built as a layout project for BRM magazine is not nearly complete, but sees a great deal of use day to day for photography and just playing trains. The arrival of the new Dapol N gauge twin coach pack to go with the Wrexham & Shropshire book set sees a complete formation out on the main line of Dudley Heath for the first time, replacing a couple of vinyl overlay Mk.3 coaches I was using in the set as stand in vehicles.

W&S Image 2
The twin pack consists of one of Dapol’s new Mk.3 RFM coaches which makes up the missing Coach A of the formation and a Standard Class coach. There are some detail differences between the full size RFM vehicles refurbished for use by W&SR and the model. However, the near fit model is still much welcomed.

W&S Image 4

The catering car is located adjacent to the DVT. The second coach of the pack is a Standard Class Mk.3 trailer as the missing Coach A. Not only is the set now complete, but in the correct coach letter order too.

W&S Image 3
A four plus two formation is the perfect length of train for Dudley Heath which runs well in both propelling and hauling mode. In addition to the W&SR twin pack, Dapol is releasing a similar trailer plus RFM pack for the Virgin West Coast ‘Pretendolino’ MK.3 set and a catering trailer for the East Midlands Trains HST book set.

A reminder of the W&SR service two years following its withdrawal. Coach C – a Mk.3 Standard coach.

Coach D at the country end of the set coupled to the DVT. This is a rebuilt Mk.3 RFM vehicle.



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