New for 2013 – Hornby 2BIL

2BILImage 2
Hornby’s surprise announcement for 2013 and almost immediate release (a well kept secret) is the 2BIL in OO gauge in two guises: Southern Railway and BR Green. Equipped with a single drive bogie and adequate weight to power the 2 car set, these period Southern electric units will be a good match for the previously released 5BEL Brighton Belle set.

2BIL Image 1

Perhaps the best side of the 2BIL is the corridor side of the unit, they being completely compartment stock. Lasting until the early 1970s, many wound up in BR green with full yellow ends and of course, plain BR blue with full yellow ends. What next for Hornby now it seems to have the bit between its teeth where Southern electric is concerned…a HAL, PUL or PAN?


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