Two stations in Scotland…

They could not be more of a contrast! The first view was taken at Wick in July this year when I dropped in whilst in Wick on a completely unrelated matter, just before the arrival of the 10.37 from Inverness. The station has a certain charm about it and clearly has not had too much modernisation inflicted upon it. Notably, there was hardly a soul in sight…

Wick-panoramic view

The next view is of Stirling, taken a few days later. This beautifully restored edifice to rail travel is nearly always is busy…

Stirling panoramic view copy

Wick, in the mean time, produced about 3 passengers and a child for the returning 16.00hrs to Inverness. This belies how busy the Far North line is these days – the 16.00hrs train is likely to fill up at Thurso.

Wick panorama jpeg_6

You can smell the residual clag of long gone Class 37/4s…I once photographed a Class 50 here…whilst Stirling is all bright and shiny – even the classic semaphores at the south end of the station are giving way to LED signals.

Stirling semaphores

Class 50s at Wick…




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