For those who ask…

Nairnshire sign
When out and about with Nairnshire Modelling Supplies, I am asked about the name ‘Nairnshire’ and its origins. Is it made up? Does Nairnshire really exist? Where is it? And most disappointingly of all is the comment, ‘Nairnshire IS made up, it cannot possibly exist…etc.’ we hear from the experts.

With that in mind, I have done something I have intended to do for a while – photograph one of the signs that greets us when entering Nairnshire. This one is on a minor road which crosses Dava Moor to the south of Nairn, just about in sight of the Cairngorm mountains. For the record, Nairnshire is part of the Highland Region of Scotland and is located on the south side of the inner Moray Firth. Our post code is IV12 and the nearest city of any size is the fast-growing and vibrant Inverness. So now you know!


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