Wheal Annah takes shape – and introducing Hamish

Wheal Annah -5
Ground works and basic structures are beginning to make an appearance on my diminutive N gauge layout ‘Wheal Annah’. As many visitors to my blog will know, I like constructing bridges. The one at the right hand side of the layout is based on one on the Newquay line and has taken about six hours to complete to its current state – there’s more I can add to it! Card mock-ups of the china clay works are now being replaced by styrene card building shells or cores. The card buildings were used to check composition of the layout structures.

Wheal Annah-7
The back drop boards are clamped in pace so they can be removed for convenient painting at the work bench when I am ready to flex my considerably weak artistic skills. I suspect several attempts will be made at back drop painting before I am happy with it. I am toying with the idea of making the attachment temporary so they can be slid out to reveal access holes in the frame work through which a camera lens can be poked for taking pictures from the back of the layout.

Hamish copy
In the mean time, the garden has been further livened up by the recent arrival of Hamish, our Pekin Batam cockerel. He’s only 15 inches tall, a nice guy and very noisy. The hens thinks he’s great and follow him around everywhere. Not easy to photograph, though – he won’t stay still for more than a second.


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