Class 150/0 conversion

May 22, 2014

Class 150-0

Cut and shut projects open up a variety of modelling opportunities including modelling some interesting coaching stock and multiple units. One such candidate is the three-car Class 150/0 of which two were built as evaluation units for the first ‘Sprinters’ exactly 30 years ago. They are still in traffic today with First Great Western following a long stint in the West Midlands. To model one of them, take two Class 150/1 models in either OO or N gauge (Bachmann and Graham Farish) and ccut the cab ends from both cars to make a  Class 150/0 centre car. If modelling No. 150002 after its short spell as a Class 154, don’t forget to add the roof pods left over from the Class 158 air-con evaluation.Image 507 smallI started with two N gauge models of the Class 150 ‘Sprinter’. A steady hand and fine tooth razor saw are essential for cutting up the DMS and DMSL body shells of one Class 150/1 model to make the centre car (MS). The other Class 150/1 is modified with different driving cab doors and some other small details. The toilet compartment window of the donor DMSL ends up in the centre car – there’s no way of avoiding that because the ends of both cars of a Class 150/1 are needed together with the gangway moulding. The toilet window is opened up to a standard size passenger cabin window using one of the window mouldings as a guide.

Class 150-2
Having completed the conversion and modified one of the underframes to accept the modified body, the part completed model is posed on Wheal Annah to see how it looks. The unit won’t be run on this layout (I have a Dapol Class 122 ready for that role) but is destined for my West Midlands themed N gauge layout ‘Dudley Heath’ (finished in Centro colours) where it will be more appropriate. The conversion is surprisingly simple to do except dealing with the roof detail of one end of the new MS vehicle. Not only is the toilet window opened out, but the water tank roof hatch has to be removed too. Strangely enough, if modelling the Class 950, a second roof hatch has to be added!

As an aside, the works buildings for Wheal Annah are making slow but steady progress!