Finished the 150/0 unit.

Class 150 complete 1
Well, a model is not really ever finished. A little weathering remains to be done and I see that the cars needs some further adjustment so they correctly line up with each other. When test running on Dudley Heath is completed, Micro-Trains couplers will be fitted. The model is my acknowledgement of the 30th anniversary of the Class 150. Prototype ‘Sprinter’ unit No. 150001 emerged from York Works for evaluation trials in June 1984 – 30 years’ ago!

Class 150 complete 2

In the mean time, the model is posed on my small china clay project, Wheal Annah. To date this cut and shut conversion is the most complex N gauge project I have undertaken, even more that the New Measurement Train HST, which at least was based around a conversion kit. The Class 150/0 centre car is composed of the parts of both bodies and one underframe taken from another Graham Farish Class 150/1 model. Both cars of the second model were cut into sections; one composed of a third of one car and the other two thirds with the cab ends discarded. The join where the inner ends of both body shells is located down one of the door lines and I am delighted with the result.

The join, where it runs across the roof together with removal of the water tank hatch, is well hidden under the new paint. The livery is the now defunct Centro scheme which adorned Class 150s operating in the West Midlands for many years until they were displaced by brand new Class 172 units. A Class 150 is now a rare beast indeed in the area, the majority of them going to Northern Rail. Incidentally, the three-car Class 150/0 units ended up with First Great Western.



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