Hartlepool this weekend past…

180101 Hartlepool
It’s my once-yearly opportunity to indulge in a little chasing of orange and black trains – Grand Central Sunderland – Kings Cross services all call at Hartlepool. I usually escape from the model railway exhibition once or twice during the day to capture a few images of workings and stock I never see in the North of Scotland.

43468 Hartlepool

180101 Hartlepool_1

180112 Hartlepool

43465 Hartlepool
I also managed to catch a few of the local services operated by Northern Rail too…

156454 Hartlepool_2

142018 Hartlepool

156454 Hartlepool_1
Although the line up the Durham coast is double track, the station at Hartlepool has just the one operational through platform – on the north bound side; the result of cutbacks in the past. Trains bound for London Kings Cross and Middlesbrough cross over from the southbound line to access the platform. There is talk of the south bound platform being reinstated but for now, this interesting operational arrangement survives, despite the increase in the number of trains using the station. The booked coal trains to and from Tyne Dock did not run over the weekend, leaving it to me to catch the London and local services. Southbound freight and engineers trains will use the track through the disused platform.


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