Organising multiple unit operation

October 13, 2014

Whilst contemplating which OHLE gantries would suit Dudley Heath (an expensive project), I decided to get to grips with organising the diesel multiple unit fleet. One train formation I had in mind was a ‘London Midland City’ three-car Class 153 and Class 170 combination as used on the Birmingham New Street – Rugeley service. It involved several sets of Micro-Trains couplings; a Dapol Class 153 and a Graham Farish Class 170. The new formation took to the rails recently after ballasting the unpowered and rather light weight Class 170 car and programming the decoders so the two units would run smoothly together.

Class 153-170

The other end of the formation with the two-car Class 170/5 leading in the Birmingham direction.

Class 150001-junction

In the meantime, test running of the recently assembled Class 150/0 continues, with reliability much improved after some adjustments, particularly when the powered vehicle is propelling the unpowered ones. A second Class 150, a two-car Class 150/1 is currently being painted in Centro colours so local services on the layout can be strengthened. When the OHLE gantries are in place, I have to take a serious look at modelling an accurate Class 323 EMU.