‘Wheal Annah’ update

Wheal Annah Western 100

Christmas was taken up with detailing my compact N gauge “Wheal Annah’ layout – 1970s BR in Cornish china clay country in the 1970s. In addition, some effort was put into tidying up rough edges and adjusting scenery features where the perspective did not work in photographs.

Wheal Anna baseboards
It’s a far cry from the ‘plywood parkway’ and card building mock-ups of six months’ ago!

Wheal Annah Class 25
One of my favourite scenes is the short branch to the older clay works or ‘dries’ It has been finished with an application of 2mm static grass to make the track appear largely neglected. The scene is separated from the rest of the layout by a ridge of land and shrubs.

Wheal Annah 990

Detailing work has included fencing, more grass effects, lamp posts and various other details. Photography of the layout at this stage demonstrates that I need to do more work on the inside face of the wall if I am to continue taking photos from this angle.

Wheal Annah Western 101

A view from the usual viewing side of the layout showing the working level crossing gates and modern works buildings in the back ground. The Dapol Class 52 remains to be weathered together with changes made to the train reporting code boxes to display the loco number. Much care was taken leave the field of view clear at the front of the layout to allow photography from various angles.

Wheal Annah overview

Wheal Annah Class 25-200

Wheal Annah is scheduled to appear at ModelRail, Glasgow this February as part of the Hornby Magazine stand. In preparation for that event, the layout has been equipped with a light box and a pair of trestles left over from my ‘Platform 4a & 4b’ layout which have been extended to present the layout at a good viewing height. In the mean time, more details need to be added and tidying up of corners completed!



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