Old Blarney

Old Blarney 23

Old Blarney was photographed for BRM this weekend last. The layout is the creation of David White of Perth & District MRC and is a popular one on the Scottish exhibition circuit. The Perth club holds the second largest show in Scotland which has a reputation for high quality layouts.  Over 40 are scheduled to attend the 2015 exhibition which will be held on June 27/28th at the Dewars Center in Perth.

Old Blarney 16Old Blarney 18

Old Blarney is based on Irish railway practice and has a wide variety of NR and IE stock from various eras including the flying snails. In addition, there is a massive amount of detailing including a hunt, various members of the clergy (!!), a racecourse scene and an interesting selection of road vehicles. In all, an entertaining and fun layout to photograph – although some of the images won’t make the cut such as the two from the top featuring the Pope. Clearly a rail fan!


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