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999600 side A copy

Vehicle 999600 showing the side requiring the most attention with brass infill panels.

A long term project OMWB is the Network Rail (NR) Class 950 unit which is a tricky conversion based on a Bachmann Class 150/1 model. Not one for the novice modeller – easy to make mistakes and I find myself staring at photographs to verify information until my eyes feel like they are about to fall out.

999600 side B copy

The opposite side to vehicle 999600

The kit is by Peter Harvey and is fairly comprehensive except that it has none of the roof details needed to finish the model nor information regarding the roof or dates when the roof equipment was changed. That is left to you to research should you wish to attempt this kit. The three pictures above show the side changes but no progress on the roof.

999601 side A copy

Vehicle 999601

Layered brass infill panels are used to modify the original Class 150 body to the correct door and window format. A good method which nonetheless demands considerable care to fit the panels dead flush with the sides to avoid a lumpy-bumpy effect where the modifications have been made. The project needs a little filling work and even more care when rubbing down. It’s well on its way to the paint shop to be finished in circa 2005-6 condition when the unit was painted NR yellow.

In the meantime, the N scale NTTX spine cars (N Scale Kits) are progressing nicely, having been finished and prepared for painting. They are currently sitting in the paint shop waiting for the weather to improve before further coats of TTX yellow can be applied. It’s all yellow painting or so it seems at the moment – the Class 950 will also be finished in yellow – NR Yellow. I was tempted to paint it in Railtrack green and blue…! Anyway, I digress – here’s a few shots of the 5-unit NTTX set after a coat of primer. There’s no rush to finish them – the decals are only just on their way from Microscale.

Spine primer-2 OMWB

Spine car primer-1 OMWB


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