Workbench progress

Several long term projects have moved along recently, progress being made between session of work on the Wheal Annah layout.

intermodal spine N scale

The N scale (1:160) 5-unit NTTX intermodal spine wagon (N Scale Kits) previously described here and here has been treated to a coat of TTX yellow in the paint shop. There’s a couple of rough edges to fix. Nonetheless, Microscale decals for this model are waiting on the work bench. I will be after some containers and the readily available 1:148 scale Graham Farish or Dapol ones will not fit unfortunately. The difference in N gauge and N scale is rarely documented but is significant.

Class 950 cab paintClass 950 masking

The Class 950 (4mm scale) model based on a Bachmann Class 150/1 is in the paint shop after a great deal of work to blend in the brass infill panels supplied in the conversion kit. The picture above shows masking work for roof painting being completed. The roof detail dates the model to the point where it was repainted NR yellow for the first time: circa 2005-6.

Caroline detailFormer Southern Region General Managers Saloon No.975025 is a unique vehicle and still used today on the UK rail network. It was built from a former Hastings line buffet car and features the narrow profile of the Hastings Mark 1 DEMU stock. The model has been finished in the most recent livery with up to date cab fittings. The model is to 4mm scale, built from a Britannia Pacific Models kit and, at the time of taking this picture, was awaiting some final small details. The vulnerable roof-mounted air horns will be fitted at the conclusion of the project to avoid breaking them. The ‘Caroline’ nameplate is by Shawplan Models.

Both the Class 950 and No. 975025 ‘Caroline’ are amongst the more complex projects OMWB at this time. However, with both of them nearing completion, I can turn my attention to some further layout building!


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