Out and about with the camera

April 21, 2015

Glendevon – Edinburgh and Lothians Miniature Railway Club.

Layout photography for Hornby Magazine and BRM has taken me away from home and modelling a few times in the last few weeks – a great distraction from the chaos in the layout room at this time as some changes are made to my Montana Rail Link layout. One veteran but good looking layout out on the Scottish circuit which found itself in front of my camera wass ‘Glendevon’ of the Edinburgh and Lothians Miniature Railway Club.

Milton Street-1

Milton Street MPD by Spencer Anderson.

Next project was Milton Street MPD, another steam-based layout, this time photographed for BRM. The layout is the creation of Spencer Anderson who is one of a trio of likely lads and very skilled modellers based in the East Kilbride area. You can see more of their work on the 12AD Model railway Group web site.


Kilbowie by Brian Thompson.

The ModelRail show last February turned up a couple of new layouts including Brian Thompson’s beautiful ‘Kilbowie’ which is inspired by Clyde Bank industries now long gone. I took a long but enjoyable trip to Gourock to photograph both Kilbowie and the Greenock MRC’s established exhibition layout ‘Inverboyndie’ layout for Hornby Magazine.

It’s one of those strange coincidences to find myself photographing two layouts with similar themes, if completely different interpretations and locations in fairly quick succession. Both layouts show the past industrial might of Scotland. Spencer Anderson’s Milton Street MPD layout is based on steam and heavy industry in North Lanarkshire whilst Brian opted for a very different area along the Clyde. Both are truly atmospheric and both superbly modelled. Photographing all this BR steam does raise a question – one which is frequently asked of me. Should I add smoke and steam effects to the pictures as I digitally develop them?