Highland Chieftain

HST 43272 OMWB
On my way to the mountains last week, I called in on Kingussie station to photograph the south-bound Highland Chieftain service (1E13 07.55 Inverness-Kings Cross). East Coast Main Line HST sets have seen a variety of liveries – a real mix of styles from interim East Coast grey and magenta livery (which I hate) to de-badged National Express colours (which suited the stock well despite how rubbish that operator turned out to be) since GNER days. Re-badging of East Coast stock with Virgin markings over already worn and increasingly grubby interim East Coast colours has made a messy situation even worse.

HST 42193 OMWB

HST 43272_1 OMWB

HST 43272_2 OMWB
That is quite a mix of re-badged liveries and does not relfect well on what is supposed to be a premier service! Power car No. 43 272 brings up the rear of the train – HSTs will soon be a thing of the past on this particular service as new stock for east Coast services is introduced over the next few years.


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