Playing chicken with Trikken i Oslo

Oslo tram 1141

Route 17 and 18 trams (Type SL95) outside the Hotel Royal Christiana near central station in Oslo (Jernbanetorget/Oslo S). Type SL95 trams are 8-axle units consisting of three vehicles. They have a cab at both ends and do not need a turning loop at the end of a route, unlike the older Type SL79.

Trams (Trikken) in Oslo are fun to ride on, a great way to see the city (use an Oslo Pass) and pretty near impossible to photograph at times! They don’t hang about and the city is so vibrant; so busy, someone invariably gets in the shot just in the micro-second the shutter button is pressed.

Oslo tram 151

A Number 13 at The National Theatre in the centre of Oslo.

The 131Km network was described in an interesting article on the Nordic Horizons web site and a special meeting in January 2014. The article compares the size and population of Oslo with both Edinburgh and Glasgow and speculates on how Oslo has developed (and saved) its trams. The contrast with Edinburgh and Glasgow could not be more stark – cities of relatively comparable size and populations. The article and presentations can be viewed here.

Oslo tram 148

Oslo tram 139

End of route 12 and start of route 11 at Majorstuen. This type of tram (SL79) has a cab only at one end, so has to continue back into the city in a different route to the one it has just traversed, facing the same way, or be turned round.

Oslo tram 140

Akker Brygge on route 12. The Nobel Peace Centre is the building furthest to the right behind No.140.

Oslo tram 112

Aker Brygge again with the waterfront in the back ground. Type SL79 trams have six axles and consist of two vehicles.

Oslo tram 132

The rear of tram No. 132 taken at Majorstuen.

Oslo tram 108

Route 12 passes the iconic (and controversial) City Hall. I quite like it…it’s bold and when you look at the building close up, there’s a great deal of detail in the structure.

Oslo tram 130

Another shot taken at the central station interchange in Oslo (Jernbanetorget/Oslo S).

I was unable to cover much of the network, there being so much to see in this amazing city which ranks in my top five favourites alongside Seattle, Vancouver (Canada), Nice and Edinburgh. If you have never been to Oslo, put it on your bucket list and not just because of the trams!


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