Thursday March 24th would have been our Independence Day…


24th March 2016,  would have been our Independence Day. The reasons why it is not are too numerous and lengthy to repeat in a single post.

However, in the short months since the 18th September 2014 referendum, it has become increasingly clear that we are not ‘Better Together’.

If you really want to see how the no-voter in Scotland has truly been conned, there are several excellent on-line references.

Business for Scotland published this excellent summary a few days’ ago: Read Business for Scotland’s article here.

The Wee Black Book has just been published – you can read it here.

My view on Scottish independence remains the same. It’s not about being £50 better off or worse off. It’s not about fiscal black holes and being able to ‘punch above our weight’ as Westminster likes to think it can.

It’s about being able to vote for the politics and policies that best suit our country, not have them imposed on us from another parliament. It’s about having our votes count instead of being overruled by the larger voting population of middle England which has (quite rightly) different needs and aspirations to Scotland. It’s about having all of the powers that every other ordinary, independent country enjoys to shape the future of Scotland. It’s about having all of the fiscal powers to shape Scotland’s economy to meet he challenges of the future. That’s it.

We won’t be fooled next time round.


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