Spring has arrived…

When the Brodie Castle daffodils come into flower.

Brodie castle April 2016_38 OMWB

Brodie Castle is just a few miles from our home here on the inner Moray Firth. Sarah and I will make at least one visit to see the daffodils which is an important part of Brodie Castle history. The collection is vast; part of the National Collection and under the stewardship of the the National Trust for Scotland. They are being carefully recovered, catalogued and the surviving varieties carefully conserved.

Brodie castle April 2016_6 OMWB

Brodie castle April 2016_4 OMWB

Brodie castle April 2016_5 OMWB

The walled garden is being used to cultivate Brodie daffodil varieties to ensure their survival. The tunnel in the background contains a selection of the varieties to ensure they are isolated from known pests just in case there’s a problem with those being grown in the open that could threaten the survival of one or more rare varieties.

Brodie castle April 2016_3 OMWB

Brodie Castle itself is open to the public and has a famed daffodil walk which is to be held on the 23rd and 24th of April this year.

Brodie castle April 2016_35 OMWB

Brodie castle April 2016_9 OMWB

Brodie castle April 2016_33 OMWB

Brodie April 2016_2 OMWB

Brodie castle April 2016 OMWB

Brodie April 2016_3 OMWB

Brodie castle April 2016_7 OMWB

The beauty of daffodils is that they have a long flowering season – different varieties flower at different times during April and even into early May in this part of the world. One can visit Brodie numerous times in Spring and there will always be something flowering and in number too. Conservation and recovery continues  – a long term NTS project which is showing signs of success. For more information on the history of daffodil breeding at Brodie Castle, the following article is worth a read:

National Trust for Scotland Maintains Century Old
Narcissi Breeds by Margaret Wood.

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