A distraction…Loch Dhu Distillery

Loch Dhu OMWB

A OO gauge micro-layout has become a welcome distraction from Folkestone East and Dudley Heath. Measuring four by two-foot in size plus a small fiddle yard, it has two scenic sides to it. First to be developed to the scenery stage is a ‘mainline’ to distillery branch line interchange – a deceptively simple track layout that is challenging to operate. The distillery and yard will follow – on the opposite side of this scene.

Loch Dhu

The picture above was taken shortly after the fascia and back drops were fitted. Dividing the layout into two separate scenes linked by the fiddle yard increases the operating potential but makes the scenes narrower and more challenging to finish.

Loch Dhu OMWB_101

When this late 1960s BR Scottish region layout is completed, I intend to finish off Folkestone East completely. As it stands, this little layout may not go to an exhibition unless as a display unit part of a modelling clinic or something like that. It is designed for an hour or so of simple operation with a handful of wagons in an evening after work; not a full-blown two-days’ worth of ops at a model railway exhibition – it would drive you mad by the end of the first day! Nonetheless, it has been fitted with lighting boxes, one of which is seen in the picture above. It has the potential to be extended and this has been factored in with the wiring and the way in which the baseboard end boards have been fitted. Note that the neutral grey paint applied to the fascia is still wet in this picture! Now this will explain my sudden interest in Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST locos of all sizes!


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