Loch Dhu Distillery…

…the other side of the layout:

Loch Dhu1 OMWB_1 copy

With only four by two to play with, the operating potential of this Scottish-based distillery themed micro-layout is doubled by dividing it into two scenes – at the cost of narrower scenes. I featured a ‘mainline’ to private branch interchange in a previous post. It occupies one side of the layout – the narrower side – which is hidden from view in the picture above. The distillery yard at the end of the branch occupies the opposite side to the interchange as seen in the image above.

Loch Dhu1 OMWB_2 copy

The back drop board separating the distillery yard is angled, hence the lighting box fitted to the interchange side appears to be out of true. It’s not, honest! A hole is cut into the base of the back drop to give the loco shed spur a little more length. it will be hidden by the shed itself id due course.

Loch Dhu1 OMWB copy

The last photo of this sequence shows the relationship of the two sides and the back drop separating them. A small fiddle yard is attached to this end of the layout and that is equipped with a simple sector plate to connect one side of the layout to the other. Separate cassettes are used to introduce or remove stock from the layout when operations require it. Work has started on the distillery buildings, including a small loco shed for the distillery pug. Shunting this layout will be fun and challenging!



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