More on No. 207203 aka 1302.

An update on the condition of the recently damaged Class 207 preserved on the Swindon & Cricklade Railway has been published on the railway’s web site. The DTS was destroyed in a fire on May 20th as reported in an earlier post on this site. At the time of posting, little information on the condition of the DMBSO was available – presumably, the condition of it was still being assessed.

The great news from the railway is that the DMBSO is relatively unscathed and given that this is the powered vehicle of the set, returning the unit to traffic is possible.

The update can be found here alongside an appeal for funds to locate and purchase a suitable replacement vehicle for the destroyed DTS. Whilst the railway has clearly given consideration to its options, there is one that springs to my mind and that is the DTC from 2-Hap No. 4311 which is was rotting away in a field at the Coventry Railway Centre when I last saw it last Autumn. The use of former 3rd rail EMU vehicles in Thumpers has been done before and former 207203 is a fine example.

There are other vehicles on this site and elsewhere – it all depends on whether owners are willing to sell/sell at the right price/the condition of the vehicle in question – the challenges facing the Swindon & Cricklade Railway are pretty big. Otherwise, to my knowledge, there’s little in the way of spare Thumper vehicles available.

You can help by making a donation to the Class 207 appeal at

Images of 2-Hap No. 4311 at the Coventry Railway Centre in Autumn 2015 – desperately in need of restoration and covered storage.









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