Thank you for listening…however, there is so much more to be done

June 30, 2016

CmJRPBAWAAAYRoa.jpg_largeWe need some action too – from ordinary Europeans. If you feel that Scotland is being forced out of Europe by the UK against its will, despite 62% vote in favour of EU membership in a formal referendum, please continue to put pressure on your politicians and MEPs…

Please sign the petition, especially if you are one of my European readers:

We thank the former Belgian Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt, for his efforts on our behalf.

The Republic of Ireland has also weighed in with huge support from both sides of the political divide including an appeal from Ireland’s Taoiseach and leader of Fina Gael Edna Kenny at the recent European Council meeting.

Momentum is beginning to build up but as our courageous young leader makes clear, this is uncharted waters and there’s is a great deal of work to do if this is all going to work through as we hope it will. It has been a good start…



Don’t let Scotland down now

June 28, 2016

What more can I say to this?

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s only lunchtime and I’m still trying to catch up with the events of this morning. The gods alone know what will have happened by teatime. The only thing that I’m sure of is that it’s looking increasingly likely that the UK’s tea is oot.

There was a fun morning in the European Parliament. For once Sky News and the BBC actually showed the debate going on there. If they had done that before on a regular basis it’s just possible that we might not be in the situation we are at the moment. But really they were only transmitting the show in order to broadcast Nigel Farage’s grandstanding.

First up we got to see Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian PM and currently the president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe in the European Parliament, pointedly congratulating Boris Johnson on becoming the Prime Minister of the dual kingdom…

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A petition in favour of Scotland’s continued EU membership.

June 27, 2016


A petition in support of Scotland’s continued membership of the EU has been very kindly started by Nicholas Jean of Paris. This petition is addressed to the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council with the aim of requesting the European Union to assure Scotland of its support in the eventuality that it would gain its independence from the UK and to support a subsequent application to join the EU.

Given recent events, the EU appear willing to talk to the Scottish government and there also appears to be growing support from senior politicians in Ireland, Germany and France.

If you are an EU citizen reading this post on my blog, please take the time to support our bid for continued EU membership after the rUK has implemented Brexit by signing the petition which can be found at:

The people of Scotland, including myself, are very grateful for any support from ordinary citizens of other countries in the EU in our efforts to continue our membership as the rUK seems intent on a self-destructive path outside the EU. Support from you is as important as support from EU politicians. Thank you!

Guess which layout I have been photographing again…

June 26, 2016
Rannoch_81 OMWB

The viaduct is an iconic feature of this lovely OO gauge creation by Mark Darragh.

Order emerges from work bench chaos in the form of distillery buildings

June 17, 2016

Loch Dhu June 2016_1

Distillery buildings for Loch Dhu Distillery are slowly taking shape, constructed from 80- and 100-thou styrene card and faced with embossed card  by South Eastern Finescale. Cutting, filing and shaping of the flat styrene sheets caused quite a mess on my work bench, which has now been cleared up for the time being to allow modelling of finer details such as windows, external equipment such as hoists, rain water goods and some sort of finial for the kiln house pagoda.

Four large structures so far, with three to go. One is an engine shed for the distillery ‘pug’. The other two will be building ‘flats’ to represent the still/spirit house and another building associated with the maltings. The buildings will provide shunting spots for various wagons to be positioned for unloading or loading including malt, grain and coal. Outbound wagons will carry away the byproducts of the process and spirits.

Loch Dhu June 2016

Loch Dhu Distillery is a OO gauge (4mm scale) micro-layout, with a scenic area just under four-feet in length and two in width; double-sided with an interchange and a small staging yard at the end. As you can imagine, squeezing a large industry such as a Speyside whisky distillery into such a small area tested my layout planning skills to the limit: fitting in enough track for interesting operations whilst having enough of the key buildings to make sense of the location. In the end, I have settled for the kiln house, part of the malt store, the mash house and an office building for the dreaded revenue. The still house will be fitted in along the back-scene as a building flat with a link from the mash house. The maltings will go at the end, with a hint of the boiler house. There might be room for a water tank too but none of the bonded warehouses, unfortunately. That’s all that can be squeezed into such a compact area and leave room for some trains! For such a small layout, it is taking up an extraordinary amount of workbench time and consequently, this will be the last portable layout I will be constructing for some time – I have to get back to working on the longer term Folkestone East and the Montana Rail Link projects.

Organised chaos!

June 15, 2016

OMWB June 2016

My work bench during the construction of the distillery buildings for my current micro-layout project: Loch Dhu Distillery.

Strangely enough, I can usually find all my tools…


New O gauge/7mm scale turned brass loco parts.

June 11, 2016
O gauge smokebox darts copy

Universal smoke box door handles (darts) in O gauge. Supplied as two handles and the middle spigot. The parts are trimmed to the desired length after fitting.

I have just added a small number of new 7mm scale, O gauge turned brass items to the Nairnshire Modelling Supplies range. This is a departure from our normal OO/HO scale area as a test to see how well they sell. If all goes well, there are other O gauge items I can obtain to expand this area of the business. The items have been listed in our Ebay shop at


O gauge long HRK copy

Long hand rail knobs in O gauge. 4.5mm long with a 1.2mm diameter head drilled to accept 0.7mm brass wire.

Medium length hand rail knobs - 3.5mm long.

Medium length hand rail knobs – 3.5mm long.

O gauge short HRK copy

Short hand rail knobs – 2.6mm long.

3/16th inch inner diameter loco main frame bushes.

3/16th inch (4.8mm) inner diameter loco main frame bushes. The outer body diameter is 6.2mm and the flange diameter is 9.5mm. The bushes are 5mm wide.

If all goes well, I will be looking at rolling stock bearings, frame spacers and a couple of other items too.