Order emerges from work bench chaos in the form of distillery buildings

Loch Dhu June 2016_1

Distillery buildings for Loch Dhu Distillery are slowly taking shape, constructed from 80- and 100-thou styrene card and faced with embossed card  by South Eastern Finescale. Cutting, filing and shaping of the flat styrene sheets caused quite a mess on my work bench, which has now been cleared up for the time being to allow modelling of finer details such as windows, external equipment such as hoists, rain water goods and some sort of finial for the kiln house pagoda.

Four large structures so far, with three to go. One is an engine shed for the distillery ‘pug’. The other two will be building ‘flats’ to represent the still/spirit house and another building associated with the maltings. The buildings will provide shunting spots for various wagons to be positioned for unloading or loading including malt, grain and coal. Outbound wagons will carry away the byproducts of the process and spirits.

Loch Dhu June 2016

Loch Dhu Distillery is a OO gauge (4mm scale) micro-layout, with a scenic area just under four-feet in length and two in width; double-sided with an interchange and a small staging yard at the end. As you can imagine, squeezing a large industry such as a Speyside whisky distillery into such a small area tested my layout planning skills to the limit: fitting in enough track for interesting operations whilst having enough of the key buildings to make sense of the location. In the end, I have settled for the kiln house, part of the malt store, the mash house and an office building for the dreaded revenue. The still house will be fitted in along the back-scene as a building flat with a link from the mash house. The maltings will go at the end, with a hint of the boiler house. There might be room for a water tank too but none of the bonded warehouses, unfortunately. That’s all that can be squeezed into such a compact area and leave room for some trains! For such a small layout, it is taking up an extraordinary amount of workbench time and consequently, this will be the last portable layout I will be constructing for some time – I have to get back to working on the longer term Folkestone East and the Montana Rail Link projects.


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