A very British farce…


Hell and damnation. The whole of the Westminster political system has descended into complete farce. I think the majority of the UK population is glued to twitter and Facebook watching this farce unfold.

Where’s the Gimp (George Osbourne) for starters? I have it on good authority that he is not at the Perth model railway exhibition (nor am I). I checked under a few bushes in the garden but he’s not there either…there should be a nationwide campaign to ‘Find George’.

Labour is imploding, Cameron has run away instead of doing what any good leader should be doing and that is steadying the ship…

The EU wants a quickie divorce…

A complete power vacuum exists south of the border and I really feel for the people of England and particularly London who are finding themselves on a smoking but just-floating wreck with no way of steering it. Is this truly the way to run a country?

New hashtags include and  to name a few…

The Europeans must be watching in amazement and would probably be rolling about on the floor in uncontrolled laughter except this particularly British crisis fundamentally involves them too.

I read the following on Twitter earlier today which sums it up for me:

“England v. Iceland is on Monday. They’re a small country with shit weather & a self-inflicted financial crisis, but they should beat Iceland.”


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