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Scotland wishes to remain in the EU. Without support from our European partners and the people of Europe, our vision as an independent country participating wholly in the EU is in serious peril by this ridiculous and hugely damaging Brexit vote.

The comment from CDU MEP Gunther Krichbaum published on Zeit Online is welcomed and is one of an increasing number of voices from senior and highly respected European politicians that are seeing clearly that the Brexit vote is a miscarriage of democracy as far as Scotland is concerned.

Original copy from Zeit Online on June 26th 2016:

Der CDU-Europapolitiker Gunther Krichbaum plant bereits die Zeit nach einem solchen (Scottish Indyref2) Referendum. “Die EU wird weiter aus 28 Mitgliedstaaten bestehen”, frohlockte der Vorsitzende des Ausschusses für EU-Angelegenheiten im Bundestag in der Welt am Sonntag. “Einen Aufnahmeantrag des EU-freundlichen Landes sollten wir schnell beantworten.”



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