A petition in favour of Scotland’s continued EU membership.


A petition in support of Scotland’s continued membership of the EU has been very kindly started by Nicholas Jean of Paris. This petition is addressed to the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council with the aim of requesting the European Union to assure Scotland of its support in the eventuality that it would gain its independence from the UK and to support a subsequent application to join the EU.

Given recent events, the EU appear willing to talk to the Scottish government and there also appears to be growing support from senior politicians in Ireland, Germany and France.

If you are an EU citizen reading this post on my blog, please take the time to support our bid for continued EU membership after the rUK has implemented Brexit by signing the petition which can be found at:


The people of Scotland, including myself, are very grateful for any support from ordinary citizens of other countries in the EU in our efforts to continue our membership as the rUK seems intent on a self-destructive path outside the EU. Support from you is as important as support from EU politicians. Thank you!


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