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Summer is with us once again – allegedly and time to play around the Scottish Highlands in the Mini. After a thorough service, the fitting of a new alternator and auxiliary belt, a new throttle potentiometer, steering rack gaiters and various new filters, she was ready to go, passing her MOT test with flying colours.

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The first run of the year other than some local stuff, was to Cromarty on the Black Isle. Not the L’Île Noire of Tintin fame but one much more scenic and friendly. First order of business was lunch at Sutors Creek followed by some touring around and a visit to the Poyntzfield Herb Nursery to buy yet more plants for the garden. A welcome relief from the political fall-out of Brexit which has so dominated things in the last week or so.

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Poynzfield Herb Nursery is run on organic and biodynamic principles to produce a huge variety of beautiful herbs, including native Scottish species in a large walled garden. The plants are healthy, well tended and a visit in itself well worthwhile – run by some really lovely people who truly know their plants.

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Herb garden at Poyntzfield on the Black isle.

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Poyntzfield Herb Nursery

The plants we needed were still in the ground. The nursery owner and his son willingly dug some up and beautifully prepared them with damp moss and protective packaging for the trip back home around the inner Moray Firth.

Black Isle

Heavy shower over Cromarty and Nigg.

Unlike our previous trip to Cromarty in the spring of this year, the weather was wet at times. Heavy and sometimes torrential showers rattled in from the north west, particularly in the afternoon. Mini ran as sweetly as could be and did not put a foot wrong on the deep surface water that collected on the roads after a particularly heavy deluge. It’s great to be out and about in the wee car once again!


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