Night shots – Orpington circa 1990

92-362 2EPB 5431 copy

Low light and night photography using available light is often the only way to continue taking photo on a winter day when the daylight hours are far too short. Regular colour slide film can struggle to cope with long exposure photography resulting in particularly high levels of grain, problems with hot spots of light (from platform lighting), colour balance and various other aberrations. This pair of shots taken at Orpington on a wet winter night are not too bad – at least they are reasonably sharp. Photoshop helped with colour balance and other plugins assisted with excessive grain. The picture is of ‘2EPB’ and ‘4EPB’ suburban units berthed between runs at the end of the evening peak.

Oh for a decent DSLR in those days. I was young, could not afford a top notch camera and slide film was eked out as that too was expensive, even though it was pretty poor in performance. You did your best at the time!

92-366 2EPB 5428



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