Xenophobia has no place in Scotland.


To all those who have chosen Scotland to be their home – I am truly sorry for all that is now happening – overseas-born child/school registrations, worker registrations, naming and shaming of companies and the demonisation of overseas-born citizens (I hate the word ‘foreign’). I particularly feel for EU citizens that came to the UK to live, having spent so much of my childhood living in Europe where I was made welcome. I am personally embarrassed and upset by the populist xenophobia and bigotry that has emerged in main stream UK politics in place of serious policy debate.

Scotland wants no part in it as you can see statement by Nicola Sturgeon FM above. I want no part in it. I am pro-European and wish the EU would do more to help Scotland emerge from this extreme right-wing and dangerous political situation and take its place in the European family of nations as a full member state. It’s time the Saltire flew alongside the other European member state flags outside the EU institution buildings.

Saor Alba.




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