Unlikely stable-mates…71 plus 119…

December 2, 2017

All manner of models pass through my studio – the latest pair are the most unlikely to come together, even as models, never mind the full-size locos. I guess anyone enjoying more than one area of railway modelling can boast a few unlikely pairings in their layout room.
DJ Models lovely Class 71 (foreground) is a BR Southern Region electric locomotive intended to take its power from a conductor rail. They were famous for operating named trains to the Channel ports and turned in many a good performance elsewhere too. As a third rail loco with no auxiliary engine such as that fitted to the Class 73, they relied on current collection using a simple pantograph from overhead tram wires in yards and berthing sidings where there was no conductor rail.

The second model is a TRAXX Class CE 119 ac locomotive – contemporary traction used on heavy freight traffic – very powerful machine indeed. The model is by Brawa which offers it in several electrical configurations. Not cheap!




July 26, 2017

A teaser – what am I up to now?

If a former member of the Stirling and Clackmannan District MRC can dive into Portuguese railway modelling complete with ‘Pedro the Pacer’… I can do the same – more or less. Except, the teaser above is not from the Portuguese railways…I am saying no more.

Picture for a busy Saturday.

July 1, 2017

An NSB Class 69 EMU is available in HO gauge from NMJ – but not that exact version…unfortunately. To model one of the 3-car sets working the Bergen Localtog will require a cut and shut on two models (relatively expensive) or scratch building of a centre car together with some conversion work around the front windscreens and the marker lights.