New pans for the Dapol ‘Cans’.

August 31, 2011

Little known are the new N gauge (1:148 scale) pantographs developed by Dapol for its AC electric locomotive models (plus others) such as the Class 86. They are now being routinely fitted to all new models. However, the first batches of Class 86s were fitted with a stand-in pan and Dapol now offers twin packs of its own Stone Faiveley and Brecknell Willis pans for those who wish to fit a more authentic pan to their Class 86s.

Each blister pack contains one of each – perfect for the Dapol ‘Cans’ and even reworking the Bachmann Class 87 and Class 90. They cost £6.07 per pair at the time of writing (extremely good value) and can be bought direct from the Dapol web site.

To fit, simply pull the body away from the chassis, taking care not to dislodge the internal wiring.

Release the original pan with a small screwdriver, from the inside. Disconnect the wiring at the micro plugs to make life easier if you wish.

The new pans simply screw in place of the originals. A screw is supplied with the new pans, so don’t worry if you loose the original one. It’s a tad fiddly, but this easy conversion should take just a few minutes per loco.

The Stone Faiveley pantographs are shown on the two Dapol N gauge Class 86s which are being prepared for the Inverness & District MRC exhibition in a couple of weeks’ time. I am reserving the Brecknell Willis pans for a couple of Bachmann locos.

Now for something different.


Dapol N gauge HST power cars (and another ‘Can’)

March 25, 2011

Dapol’s first HST book set consisting of two power cars, one of which has the DVT buffers, together with two trailers has arrived – near enough! This is the first of a batch of releases which will have many an N gauge modeller reaching for their wallets, I am sure. The tooling is crisp and with a lot of detail too. Here’s a batch of photographs of the HST model. I have included a couple of another Class 86 too – this time in the new Freightliner colours.The DVT version with draw gear as 43 067.

43 071 with full fairing.

The guards compartment with small window and inner door detail.

Exquisite roof detail too and correct for the Virgin Cross Country power cars. The models have excellent lighting with no leakage into the cabs, 6-pin DCC socket in both powered and unpowered power cars together with a smooth fine control motor, all wheel current pick-up and powerful performance.

How’s this for a striking model? A Dapol Class 86 dressed in the new 2010 Freightliner scheme. The model sports a roof fire extinguisher unit and Dapol’s new pantograph.

The pantograph is an excellent representation of a Stone Faiveley type and the detail and construction is very fine. Overall, and as promised, Dapol seems to be making great headway with some exciting releases. I am looking forward to the Network Rail HST power cars as there is an interesting vinyl overlay project that can be done to create the five NR Measurement Train trailers using Adam Warr’s vinyl overlays.

More Dapol ‘Cans’ but with a twist

March 1, 2011

Take a look at the roof…

Yup! You guessed it – the pantographs look quite different to previously released Dapol N gauge Class 86s and are a real improvement. The one on 86 261 is a nice representation of a Stone Faiveley pantograph, one of Dapol’s new pantograph models to replace the originally used Sommerfeld ones.

Also take a look at the Brecknel Willis pantograph applied to the Freightliner 86/6 (with its class-specific detail); a new tooling, delicate-looking but very effective.
Pantographs are very much a signature feature of AC locomotives and, when you consider that the roof is the first area that meets the eye when looking at a model, Dapol’s decision to tool its own models will be widely welcomed. In the meantime, the Class 86 model is the perfect match for Dapol’s catenary models in N gauge and both locomotives will have a home on the N gauge Dudley Heath layout along side the earlier Class 86 releases which will receive the new ‘pans’ which will be available separately – price and pack format to be confirmed.

Limited Edition N gauge Class 86s

March 28, 2010

C&M Models of Carlisle has commissioned two BR blue Class 86 locomotives with TOPS numbers and separate etched nameplates. Details can be found on its web site here. I have posted some pictures of both models whic represent 86 204 ‘City of Carlisle’ (very appropriate) and 86 241 ‘Glenfiddich’.The specification is the same as those detailed in my last post except only 125 of each model has been produced making it a very limited exclusive model.

The models are shown without their etched plates. The nameplates are supplied in the box with additional detailing parts to be fitted by the modeller.Both models look very neat and they do bring back memories of spotting AC electric at Carlisle when they were commonly found on a variety of duties. If they succeed in provoking memories, the model has done its job. After all, that’s one of the prime reasons for getting into railway modelling in the first place!

Dapol Class 86s = lots of colour!

March 26, 2010

N gauge Class 86 AC locomotives in BR Intercity, Virgin Trains and Freightliner colours will be in a model shop near you pretty soon! But be quick: like most Dapol products, they won’t last long.This is something of a sneaky preview thanks to David Jones at Dapol. My thanks to him for allowing me a chance to give them a look over and present some pictures here. The roof detail looks good and those pantographs are fully working with very gentle springing and an adjustment screw to prevent them from riding too high.A look at the face of Virgin Trains 86 229.

BR Intercity colours as 86 213 (with pantograph raised). Some good livery colours on this model!

Freightliner 86 621 with the correct yellow colour. Note the roof fire extinguisher bottles.The model is supplied with buffer beam details including air brake pipes. Note the locating holes ready to receive them. Alternative couplings are also supplied which will fit the NEM coupling pocket.All of the technical features that makes Dapol an award winning manufacturer are present on its Class 86s including working lights, super creep motor, 6-pin DCC interface and a superbly engineered chassis. It all adds up to a fine running model which further takes modelling British outline N gauge into a different dimension. Its a lovely product, once again!Now, all we need now is some decent Mk.2e/f coaches to go with the passenger versions…