NSE livery on 4-Ceps and its variations.

April 9, 2018

It’s easy to think that the final version of Network South-east (NSE) livery was standard until reference pictures are examined for setting up a model for painting. I have some Bachmann 4-Cep models working their way across the work bench to convert them to post 80s refurbished type with hopper windows and relocated guards van. As shown above, although No. 1101 is a 3-Cep with the TSO removed.

4-Cep No. 1525 stabled at Dover Priory. In both pictures, note how wide the up-swept the red band is across the cab side window…

4-Bep No. 2305 at London Waterloo, part of the same family of units. The red band across the cab-side window is also wide.

No. 1554 has a different width of line across the cab side window. Not as wide…

No. 1542 is the same…enough to catch the unwary modeller out. My first refurbished 4-Cep for Folkestone East is nearing completion – I have the window glazing and window frames to fit. The model will be No. 1520 (below)…photographed on the Sheppey branch. Steelworks in the background is now history. Always a fascinating selection of wagons there.

So, that’s just one variation on NSE liveried 4-Ceps and related units. The same can be noted on 4EPBs too. That’s before you start counting different roof vents on different Cep vehicles within one unit…



Network SouthEast 30th anniversary train pack.

December 2, 2016


To mark the thirtieth anniversary of Network Southeast (NSE), Bachmann has released ‘Capital Commuter’ train packs, one of which features a 2-car Class 416 2EPB unit, a resin and etched metal station building together with platform units and some NSE related paperwork to represent the role of the third rail network. The whole package is presented in a stout box with nicely illustrated inserts depicting some of Edward Pond’s work. Edward Pond (or Eddie Pond as he was known in standard class) was the artist responsible for the interior murals applied to the inner bulkheads and partitions of NSE trains. They depicted scenes from the route on which the trains were allocated and that was extended to route branding applied to the exterior of some stock.


The outer lid of the NSE train pack (30-430).


The interior inserts feature artwork from Edward Pond, the artist who that created the route related interior murals for NSE rolling stock.


A station building and platform unit finishes off the presentation box set.


2EPB No. 6414 is represented, finished in the last version of NSE livery.



Note the Kent Link route branding which was applied to 2EPB and 4EPB units together with displaced 4-Cap sets allocated to the North Kent lines.


The 2EPB model is Bachmann’s highly acclaimed standard OO gauge model with interior lighting, 5-pole motor, DCC socket and associated electronics. Close coupling cams are used to couple the cars together. A 2-Hap model is soon to join the Bachmann third rail stable which also includes 4-Cep and MLV models.