Another Class 205 DEMU at Crowborough…

July 18, 2016

205028 copy

Headcode 88: London Victoria – Uckfield via Oxted with No. 205028 leading a second Class 205. This is a three-car Class 205 DEMU ‘Thumper’ which regularly saw use on the direct London services serving Uckfield (with No. 205018 and 032), of which there were two a day in each weekday peak.

The shot was taken on a cold January night  – I love the challenges of low light photography, be it under station canopies as in the earlier shot of ‘4 Cep’ 1602 or in complete darkness as seen in the Crowborough shot above. My night imagery is not always successful – the failure rate is pretty high. Part of the problem (and challenge) of photographing railways at night is having enough time to get a couple of long time exposure shots in before the train starts to move…or someone walks in front of the camera, not realising you are in the middle of a 28 second shot or there’s too much flare from station lighting.

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