Awkward corner…

February 14, 2011

It’s an awkward corner indeed. My mainline HAS to curve at this point to reach the Top Deck layout fiddle yard and avoid a direct run through the wall into my neighbours field. In the back ground is the access to four staging yard roads representing the ‘Dover’ end of the run, which should not be seen under normal viewing distances. I have made progress in this area in recent weeks as my desire to deal with this awkward corner has grown (hence the lack of updates here). The picture above was taken last year after track laying of the main line was completed. It’s a large area to fill with scenery and the proper Folkestone East location has a short platform for staff to use at this location, which must be included. On the real location, it is straight. Mine has to be on the  curve…

Progress as of a few weeks ago (above), as reported in my blog. Conductor rail remains to be installed.

The corner as of this morning after application of more Woodland Scenics fine leaf foliage, static grass and bushes made up of coarse turf applied to sea foam stems. All glued in with a mixture of scenic cement and ‘extra firm’ hold hair spray. It’s go to sit for a few days to completely settle before tidying up and installation of the conductor rail, turnout motor boxes and some weathering of the ballast. There’s some brick work around the platform ramp to complete too, and note the bare wall behind the scene. There’s a form of a ‘wooded’ back scene to fit which has texture applied to try and show continuation of line side foliage. This should disguise the entrance to the ‘Dover’ fiddle yard. It’s removable to allow access to the turnouts for repairs and in case of derailments, yet will not be too obvious when this end of the layout is photographed. In reality, the tall trees and shrubbery is more of a modern feature of the line side as tree growth has only been allowed to grow relatively unchecked in recent years. Back dating to my planned early 1980s running theme, which represents the transition era between refurbished and unrefurbished 4-Ceps, means the tree growth is too high. I have to change a few details on the layout for that running theme, but the trees have to stay. They are more appropriate to my 1993 and 2003 running themes (the stock is changed over between running evenings running evening depending on the choice of era for the session).  Those trees, despite what purists might think, are the best scenic break for that end of the layout! I can live with that compromise.

With so much ground to cover to produce, I use a mixture of Woodland Scenics fine leaf foliage and sea foam. The latter is shown above during another session yesterday where I was using the odds and ends left over from tree-making to produce material for shrubs and weedy sapling trees. As much as I would love some specimen trees from The Model Tree Co., line side trees at Folkestone East are all weed trees…

The sea foam pieces are dunked in diluted (5:1) matte medium (A) using a deep plastic jug (B) first to strengthen them before painting. Normally, when making trees like this, they would be hung out to dry with a weight on the end to straighten them whilst the matte medium dries. These pieces, especially the larger but poor pieces (C) are destined to be snipped up into smaller pieces for shrubs or to be piled on top of each other to create banks of close growing weed trees, using cocktail sticks as support. After drying, they will be painted dark brown and then dunked in matte medium once again so coarse turf in medium green can be applied. Smaller pieces can be clumped together to make a thicker bush material (D) instead of being wasted. The remaining diluted matte medium is not returned to the original bottle but is stored in a separate container (E). At the time of writing, the treated pieces are sitting by my paint booth after painting dark brown.

Scenery work like this can take a great deal of time, especially allowing for the modelling of the staff halt platform and I am glad to be finishing off this end of the layout so I can move onto the Folkestone East signal box area.


Nairnshire Modelling Supplies news

March 19, 2010

The latest stocks of Woodland Scenics have arrived at Nairnshire Modelling Supplies and work has now started on listing them on the Nairnshire Modelling Supplies web site. That’s a lot of photography to get through as there are about 45 new product lines to add; bringing the total number of product lines to over 650. With the continued (and very much appreciated) support we are enjoying from a growing customer base, we will add to the Woodland Scenics range if support for that area is forthcoming! Also added to the range are the Hob e Lube products including ‘moly’ grease and gear lube.

It’s all part of our mission to provide those products which are increasingly hard to buy at local model shops; stocking the invaluable materials that the ‘box shifters’ simply do not. In recent months, we have grown the Kadee range, expanded the Phoenix Paints we can supply and have now added some of the US outline HO scale trucks and wheels from the Kadee range after requests from US-outline modellers. If US outline modellers continue to approach us, we will expand what we stock and will also look at other things which are otherwise hard to find. Currently, negotiations with various suppliers are in progress to add new things from abroad to the range and also our third NMS transfer sheet is nearly at proofing stage too. It all adds up to an interesting time here and we will get as much on-line as we can!

New email address:
Following problems with the old email address, we have a new one for Nairnshire Modelling Supplies:

Woodland Scenics arrives at Nairnshire Modelling Supplies

February 17, 2010

As part of our plan to expand the range of products at Nairnshire Modelling Supplies, we have become official stockists of Woodland Scenics. This is in addition to our other recent developments in bringing in Kadee Couplings, developing our own transfers, adding Phoenix Paints to the range and expanding the number of Carr’s products we stock. The idea is to offer the broadest range of general modelling materials we possibly can which should appeal to most modellers, from N gauge to O gauge. The Woodland Scenics range will be added to the web site as soon as we have cleared the Model Rail show.

Preparation for the big Model Rail show at the SEC is now well in hand with the development of these ranges. From what we can tell from the hall plan, we will be on the left hand side of the hall, half way down on stand 23. It should be a really packed stand will all sorts of goodies, so if you are looking for any of the following:

Woodland Scenics, Kadee couplers, Kadee magnets, Phoenix Paints including the weathering and steam era colours, Phoenix Paints masking tape, thinners, primer and other support products, electronics including components for DCC such as ‘Scotchlok’ connectors, cable and LEDs, Carr’s, C&L products, glues, adhesives, solvents, high quality hand tools, our own transfers, HMRS transfers, S-Kits, Springside, Xuron, Markits, Mashima motors…the list of what we stock is becoming pretty vast. We will squeeze it all onto the stand – I hope! Look out for our bright blue signs.

With the addition of Kadees to the range, we are now receiving many more enquiries from US-outline modellers to stock products to support their modelling activities. We know from our own modelling activities how difficult it is to buy certain items here in the UK, so this is something Sarah and I are giving careful consideration to. We will look at those things that can be used by British and European outline modellers as well so to have universal appeal, certainly at the start to see how much support there really is.